Marriage Equality

Yes, I am thrilled that marriage equality is now the law of the land (well, except for the numb nuts in Texas, apparently).
Marriage (patriarchal, property-oriented institution that it is) affords access to a realm of benefits (that shouldn't be associated only with marriage! - but I digress) and is recognized by society in very specific ways that are important to many.
BUT I wish for a day in which the least among us is given the most consideration. So no, I am not a curmudgeon for tempering my joy at this small step toward equality by acknowledging that there is ‪#‎MoreThanMarriage. Marriage equality doesn't meet the needs of queer homeless youth, for example (who are overrepresented in the homeless population). Workplace protections are lacking, the sheer amount of violence faced by trans women of color is daunting, the sexual abuse endured by trans women in detention is frightening. The whiteness and homonormativity of the movement for marriage equality steps on the backs of and silences those who are fighting to survive and be heard. There is more than the rainbow currently permits or promotes.
‪#‎BlackLivesMatter ‪#‎TransLivesMatter