I am all about color blind casting in film and TV. UNLESS it was a real, live person that you are casting for - in which case, CAST SOMEONE FROM THAT RACE OR ETHNICITY (or at least something close). No, Mickey Rourke should not play Genghis Khan, the Mongol warrior and conqueror. Can you imagine anyone casting George Takei as Napoleon? NO. And hell no, White dude Ben Whishaw should not play Freddie Mercury, who was an Indian Parsi! Whiteness is not the prerequisite for universality. Whiteness is not a blank slate on which to write the experiences of others. Directors/producers, etc. would never cast an Asian American or African American to play real life White characters or historical figures. I know this has been written about before, but I just read about the casting of the Queen movie, and I am ranting. Particularly as I am married to a fair skinned, ethnically ambiguous desi man who happens to be a wonderful actor! smile emoticon


P.S. Not mad at the actors, who are just doing their jobs. Mad at the industry, mad at the decision-makers, and mad at White privilege.