TITLE HERE: SOME FUQ'ed Up Micro-Aggressions

Stunning set of interactions at India Sweets and Spices just now. I don't normally post about the microaggressions that Sunil and I experience, but I got double the dose in a 15 minute shopping trip. So here we go.

I'm lookin' good and feeling fly today. Got on my skinny jeans, motorcycle jacket, calf length black boots, with my fire engine red Coach crossbody purse. Picking up pani puris and other goodies for New Year's Eve. A white lady in her late 30s or so looks at me, and says, "Do you work here?" To which I want to say, "What part of me looks like I'm at work in the Indian grocery store right now?" But instead, I simply answer, "No."

Normally I would just keep walking, but she didn't even have the grace to apologize. She just said, "Oh." So 5 minutes later, I find her in another part of the store (buying incense), and say, "I'm sure you didn't intend to, but your words were insulting to me. I just wanted to let you know." You would think that at this point she would look abashed and profusely say sorry. Nope. She says, "If you only knew me…". I didn't let her continue, because I saw red at that point. I said, "I don't know you, so I am simply sharing how your question to me landed." She sputtered. Then I wished her happy new year and walked on.

I moved onto the prepared foods area, to buy some samosas and pakoras. I'm just about to make my purchase, when a white man in his 50s walks in and comes up next to me at the counter. The first words out of his mouth to me are, "What a holy moment. Don't you feel more spiritual just being here?" No, dude, I'm at an Indian grocery and fast food store – not the temple or outside in nature. At that point, I didn't say anything, just smiled with a glazed look in my eyes, and walked out.