I was watching the coverage of the San Bernardino mass shooting last night and my gut was churning. I'm thinking about the people who were murdered, and all those that are left behind. I'm thinking about gun violence and how this country is in the grip of an irrational fever, heavily funded by the NRA and fueled by xenophobia, politicians (and wannabe politicians), and hatred. And I'm thinking of the murders of the people at Planned Parenthood just last week, by a Christian extremist, but how no major Christian organization had to get on live TV to apologize for "one of their own" or to say that they "unequivocally condemn the act of violence," the way that the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) got on tv last night and felt forced to do that. I get it -- that's the power of Christonormativity and White privilege, in that they get to be judged as individuals, and brown people/Muslim people/Black people's actions represent all their people. And I am also terrified and furious at the backlash that's coming against Muslim people (that is fueled by the unending wars waged by the US and the nature of imperialism). That's a backlash that White people, in general, don't have to worry about -- the secondary wave of violence after the initial act. All this to say, I, like many of you, am grieving, angry, hurting, and afraid.