TITLE HERE: #IStandWithAhmed

1) #IStandwithAhmed for multiple reasons. The prolonged and illegal wars the US has waged (with the accompanying, fear-mongering rhetoric) creates the context for a skinny, Brown, 14 year old boy (who looks so similar to my brother in his first year of high school) to be betrayed by his teachers and his principal, and then handcuffed and arrested by police, because he was creative and built a CLOCK. Any other kid would have been praised. He was in a robotics club in middle school, like so many of my Mudders. He was excited about science. #SchoolingWhileBrownandMuslim


2) 12 jury members deliberate about whether or not a police officer used excessive force against a skinny, Brown, 57 year old Indian grandfather. The cop said he felt threatened enough to leg sweep and body slam this older man, leaving his partially and permanently paralyzed. If you haven't seen the video, it will make you sick. He could be anybody's thatha or dadaji or nanaji. He didn't speak English. Why did he get treated like this? Because a neighbor called in a complaint about a suspicious man walking through the neighborhood. Yes, because HE WAS TAKING A WALK. It's something people do. Seems straightforward that the cop would be found guilty, right? Nope. Mistrial. Apparently, the jury split along racial and gendered lines. The 10 White, male jurors wanted to acquit and the 2 Black, female jurors did not. I don't know any other way to interpret this, except that a jury of one's peers doesn't work -- if they don't consider you a peer. If you are the Other. #WalkingWhileBrown


3) On a more positive note, the internet wins sometimes: http://uproxx.com/webculture/2015/09/ahmed-mohmed-internet-reactions/5/


Always good to see people from all walks of life pushing back at the sheer idiocy, violence, and dehumanization perpetrated against so many communities.